love this baby boy to death and can’t believe 1 year has already gone by! he is growing up way to fast.

Perks of cleaning my mummy’s closet…finding this dress :)

Perks of cleaning my mummy’s closet…finding this dress :)

Last Chance

This 3 day weekend is going to be my sister and mine’s last chance to fully clean my house.  So far we have been successful clearing out the clutter.  Our last room is probably the hardest and most challenging since it’s my mom’s room.  What I realized is that my mom loves her children immensely because she kept everything from our 3rd grade awards to stuffed toys we had long since forgotten.  It was a tough room to get through because the memories just started pouring in.  To add on we were doing this without out mother so it was hard balancing out tough love and sympathy for her memoirs.  Hopefully in this case her daughters know best and I know my mom eventually will get used to the idea of having a cleaner room.  Just got to remind her we did it out of love hehe!

My mission to make my house looking like an add in a home decorating magazine is on! 

detoxing…for the next three weeks I’m putting myself on hold and reevaluating my life.  My new best friends are going to be work, sleep, oh and my Milo love!

Owls. The wise old owls are becoming my new obsession.

Owls. The wise old owls are becoming my new obsession.

Ano Nuevo

Can’t believe 2011 is over.

Some new years resolutions…do everything from last year but better haha. Basically it means I’m going back to my no meat diet, being happy with the life I have and practicing punctuality.

I’ve been wanting to make a change in my life for the past few months. It’s kept me up stressing because I have to figure it out. Well those late nights stressing didn’t do me any good. I made myself unhappy and couldn’t focus at work.

My answer…I have to love the life I have and realize I control my happiness. So I shall see where 2012 will take me. Till then I guess my future remains a mystery…so annoying.

Happy Holidays! Obviously my skin hasn’t seen sun in some time now…

Happy Holidays! Obviously my skin hasn’t seen sun in some time now…

Don’t pick me up

I don’t know what goes through some guys heads.

Since I started working full time I’ve picked up a fairly routine like schedule for myself. I’ve learned two things; one don’t be so routine and two don’t wear your headphones while walking to your car.

The other day as I’m walking to my car from bart I’m not paying attention to anything. Got my headphones on and all I’m concentrated on is finding my car keys in my black hole of a purse. Little do I know this fool is following me trying to tell me I dropped 3 dollars while searching through my bag. I tell him I don’t think that’s mine and refuse the money. But being the persistent person he is kept insisting I dropped the money. So I say thank you and take the money. I think its all over when the guy tells me no I didn’t really drop the money but now that I took it he asks for my number. WTF! You not only make me take the 3 dollars but then accuse me of being liar then attempt to hit on me. Worst pick up line EVER!!

I start laughing and get into my car because if this guy wasn’t creeping me out to begin with he just topped it off. No gracias senor.


Like I said before I get bored easily.  I told myself I wouldn’t dye my hair again but that didn’t last long.  Today my sister dyed my hair and it was a success. My hair actually turned to a lighter shade.  I’m excited to show the world my new color. 

But I think the most fun I had while dying it was watching my brother-in-law FREAK OUT when he found out I was dying it in his bathroom.  So ridiculously nervous that I was going to get dye everywhere.  Can’t wait for him to wake up and realize not one drop hit the floor!